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How to plan your Winter Tipi Wedding With Coastal Tents and Friends.

Updated: Nov 20, 2020

This Blog was written by Carla from Coastal Tents for Boho Weddings. Carla asked me to write a few bits about styling.

Whether you're planning a winter wedding from scratch or adapting your wedding plans because of postponement this blog post is for you. There is something truly magical about cosying up inside a Tipi under hundreds of twinkling fairy lights and with the ethereal glow of candle light all around. Imagine all your loved ones gathered around the fireplace with a glass of bubbles, nibbling on sumptuous canapes. Our authentic Tentipi event tents are designed to withstand the Scandinavian weather so they are well suited to a British winter. They are a beautiful and unique alternative to an indoor venue or a traditional frame marquee (and definitely cosier). Having worked with a number of couples on their winter weddings we know what you need to do to make sure you and your guests have a wonderful time. Below are our top tips for the perfect winter Tipi wedding:

  • 1)Heat – it is our number one priority that you and your guests are warm and cosy. We provide event grade blow heaters with thermostat controls to keep you all at just the right temperature whatever the weather.We also make sure you have plenty of extra fuel so you can get the heaters going and heat theTipisup before you all arrive.

  • 2) Fireplace –the wonderful thing about Tipis is that you can have a fire indoors. Open fires create a welcoming ambience, add warmth and a lovely glow and provide a gathering point for people at events. Our authentic Tentipi fireplacescome withkindling, matches, natural fire lighters and virtually smokeless heat logsand let’s face it-everyone loves a fire.

  • 3) Lighting –there is something very special about winter weddings. The dark evenings highlight how well the lighting createsa warm and inviting atmosphere. We wrap strings of fairy lights around all the main poles in the Tipi (nine in each Tipi) and in our opinionyou can never have too many fairy lights.We also have a delightful decanter chandelier and a rustic festoon ladder,both of which look gorgeousas theyare or adorned with rich green foliage.

  • 4) Flowers – “When designing a winter floral scheme you can draw inspiration from various festive elements. Most obvious might be the traditional route of a white or red focus with seasonal elements like holly, berried ivyorpine cones. However, do not be afraid to mix up the colours, for example using a dark burgundy and blush, or incorporate other seasonal elements such as pheasant feathers. Using metallics, such as golds, silvers and coppers, adds a touch of glamour and fun to the festivities.In the New Year fresh whites and lighter greens could be the promise of a spring just around the corner.” (Caroline Redpath –Fleur Provocateur)

  • 5) Styling – “I believe the feel and atmosphere is the most important styling tip when creating any event, and with a winter wedding you can play with atmosphere more than any time of year! To create an atmosphere you need to think about creating layers with warmth, texture and light. So tones of candles, in various holders and candlesticks work to bringa feeling ofintimacy to a tablescape,whilst flooding it with warmth. Use textured fabric,either table cloths,runners, a thick velvet to create drama, a beautiful floaty cotton or georgette for romance. Don’t be afraid of colour either! But keep to a palette of colours, using them throughout your scheme.Think warm and rich colours, mixed with seasonal greens, creams and pops of bright reds or pinks.” (Rosie Barrett –Rosie Barrett Events)

  • 6) Food –“We say embrace the festivities of the season and opt for sharing dishes to create that sense of family amongst your friends and guests. Think hearty, celebratory food; joints of meat or rich sharing pies passed over candlelittables and clinking glassware, followed by bowls of sticky toffee pudding and crumbles with spiced rum custard. Winter doesn’t have to mean rustic, think opulence and indulgence, imagine rich deep colours, warm fragrant spices, ginger, pear and calvados, chocolate with mocha, juniper braised cabbage, rich port jus, pork with fennel and star anise, panna cotta with spiced apple compote.” (Melissa –Rabbit & Rose)

  • 7) Drinks –“Winter wedding drinks should pay homage to the season, dark spices like star anise, cardamom, cinnamon & nutmeg can add an interesting seasonal twist to your favourite G&T whilst clementine, clover & cranberry make lovely garnishes.Think winter cocktails of cranberry mimosa or warm, comfy & cosy mulled wine served with seasonal garnishes of cloves, star anise, spices and oranges. Winter is a good time to bring back the more traditional and often forgotten about sprits like brandy & cognac served neat over ice or complimented with a top quality mixer -adding that extra warmth.New Year weddings can also be a good time to incorporate citrus back in to add brightness to the long months with the promise of spring ahead.” (Stuart & Jo –The Copper Still Bar)

  • 8) Photography –“From a photographer’s perspective, winter weddings can be so lovely. We have shot some incredible ones. We would absolutely second all that has already been said about lighting;it is the number one factor to getting great photos inside a tipi or in fact any venue in the winter. Fairy lights, chandeliers, light curtains, candles, festoon all create a beautiful atmosphere that look wonderful and magical in photos. Our other top tip would be to make the most of the daylight hours and to move your ceremony earlier. We advise an 11am or 12pm wedding ceremony in the winter so that you can have outside shots of you and your guests as well as all those inside. And finally, space -wherever you can provide it. You spend more of your time inside in the winter and taking great photos in cramped spaces is much harder so the more space the better. If you are considering that extra marquee or tipi, go for it!” (Tom & Lizzie –Tom & Lizzie Redman Photography)

  • 9) Timings of the day–well let’s face it, we lose the light early so embrace it! Think wonderful candlelit churches with an abundance of greenery for a truly magical ceremony from 4pm, then nipping back to the Tipi with fires lit and the welcoming warmth of a hot buttered rum cocktail. Shorten your canapé service, and sit earlier for a long celebratory sumptuous dinner. Crack on with speeches over dessert and get ready to party by 9:30pm... Let the band take you into the night with carriages arriving from midnight. Weddings never feel like you have enough time to see everybody, so make full use of your tipis and invite friends and family back the next day for a delicious light lunch before saying good bye by mid afternoon. (RosieBarrett-Rosie BarrettEvents).

  • 10) Flooring–we have made our own bespoke wooden flooring that ties in perfectly with the wooden tipi poles to make you a solid floor giving the feeling that you are safely tucked indoors.

  • 11) Tipi Doors–our tipi doors make a grand entrance giving you additional floorspace and allowing your guests to come and go without having to fiddle about with zips. Plus they keep the warmth in! Our handmade coat rack is perfect for your guests’ outdoor clothing and is designed to match with the tipi wooden poles.

  • 12) Marquee location–we always offer a free site visit for every wedding but for a winter wedding it is essential. Our crew chief will come and meet with youtodiscusstheground conditions and check the access allowing you to make a site plan that works foryou and makes sure the Tipis are in the bestposition.

  • 13) Onsite crew–we would recommend having one of our crew onsite, they will ensure everything runs smoothly by managing the fire, turning on the heaters before everyone arrives, topping up the heaters, making adjustments to the Tipis (if needed) and basically doing any jobs out in the dark and cold that you don’t want to (we have even been known to help serve canapes and champagne in an emergency!).

  • 14) Outdoor winter weddings are less common so not only does that make them more special but there a real so so me great discounts to be had-including our 15% winter wedding discount!

  • 15) Finally, if you choose January or February it will give all your guests something really lovely to look forward to–everyone loves an exciting event in the diary after Christmas (rare as it is) to keep the festive spirit marching on and the winter blues away!

If you'd like to hear about I can help you plan your winter wedding then head to my services page on my website for details.

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