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My Story

A little bit about MY story…


As a child growing up, barefoot and free, in the Dorset countryside, I fell in love with the magic of movie-making, dancing along to Fred and Ginger, wearing diamonds with Marilyn and eating Breakfast at Tiffany’s.  This led into a fourteen year career working as an Assistant Director in Film and TV and, from there, into my own love story and a return to my West Country roots.


Everything that I have lived - from Samba dancing in Rio, to ski seasons in France; music festivals to film premieres - feeds into my work vision.  For me, every event is a production, built around the script of my clients’ lives.  Handpicking influences from their own personal stories, I immerse myself in creating the complete picture - focusing my years of experience on bringing their vision to life - and executing it seamlessly.  


Working with a wonderful collective of local suppliers, I can turn any event - be it an intimate gathering or a big marquee celebration - into an unforgettable memory.

More About Me

  • I love travelling, my favourite continent has to be South Americ for its music, culture, people and the adventures I had....

  • I grew up a farm girl and spent lots of time in my dad's t-shirts with baler twine as a belt! 

  • I love giving gifts beautifully wrapped, and often add fresh flowers from the garden. 

  • I ski and snowboard and would live in the mountains if I didn't love the sea so much! 

  • Winter days are for long walks with my kids, movies and a hot choc. 

  • I love Gold Jewellery and don't have enough earrings!  

  • I love to dance under the stars in a field with very loud music and lots of friends! Favourite song right now is Sizzling by Daphni


"Wow - what a BIG THANK YOU, we can't imagine getting married without you! "

Kat & AJ

"Thank you so very much for everything you did in the lead-up and on our wedding day! Your help, experience, knowledge, and eye for detail were all invaluable and we couldn’t have had the wedding of our dreams without you! So many guests commented on how wonderful you and the team were too - we cannot thank you all enough, lots of love”

Stacey & Ally