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Pythouse Kitchen Gardens, Wiltshire 

Sometimes we want to just be creative, push a boundary, work with incredible females and pull together as a community of creatives and this shoot was every bit of that and more... This shot was captured as we girls came together to express our own femininity and to symbolise embracing the fun of life, celebrate being a woman and an expression of self-love.. Our shoot was meant to be about the London Couple moving and embracing the countryside but what happened was it became about the bride. Shot after the first lockdown when so much was shifting and changing, women being enthused to go within and focus on self-love and self-expression, that that somehow sometimes sits uncomfortably with us as we have been taught so often to hide ourselves away or branded 'a tart' if we get our kit off. So here is a shoot celebrating the bride' celebrating her feminine beauty, her natural connection with the nature around her and how it brings out her inner goddess. It shows how marriage has changed and can be fun, sexy and exciting, I like also the idea of her stepping away from the organising, stress and anxiety that we all suffer from and connect in nature, our own journey and moment of going from women to wife.! We should all celebrate our beauty more... I know I need to..

Guest numbers - 10 - 120
Venue - Pythouse Kitchen Garden, Tisbury, Wiltshire 
Date - June 2020

Wedding Planner & Design -Rosie Barrett

Photographer - Imogen Xiana

Wedding Design & Planning Services


Kitchen Garden Wedding Planning Rosie Barrett

Team behind the shoot 

Concept, Planning & Design - Rosie Barrett

Photographer - Imogen Xiana

Florist - Martha and the Meadow

Video - Siobhan Amy of the Mcgill Sisters Film

HMU - Polly Morton Make up

Dress - Lovely Bridal Devon by Charlie Brear 

Models - Sophia Milburn

Accessories -

Paper -  Lou Paper

Food - Kitchen Garden Co.

Rings - Rosie Clayden

Linen - Just4Linen

Shoes - Kitty Clogs Sweden

Tequila + Glasses - El Rayo 

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