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Bake Barn on the Fonthill Estate in Wiltshire with Majorcan style and 2022

Amy and Dylan were due to get married in 2020 in Majorca with a big family celebration blending their UK and American families, but sadly due to covid it was cancelled by the venue with no reshuduling of dates. They then found a new venue in Majorca for 2021 but with so many familiy and friends travelling from all over the world this just wasnt possible. So they split their celebration between a Texas bash and one here in Wiltshire. They were keen to bring the feel and atmosphere from Majorca to Wiltshire and so we looked at colours and textures that we could use to infuse Wilthsire with the Majorca.

Guest numbers - 80 Venue - Bake Barn, Fonthill Estate, Wiltshire  Date - June 2022 Wedding Planner & Design -Rosie Barrett Photographer - Jess Withey Wedding Design & Planning Services  

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