Molly & Callum

The Quadrangle Trust, Shoreham, Kent

August 2012


Photographer -  Charlie Moore RIP x


This is an emotional wedding for me, but I'll get to that later. Molly is my dearest gorgeous cousin! This really truly was a family affair setting up the wedding with everyone on hand to help. Molly knew she wanted their wedding to be bright and beautiful full of colour with a main accent of Red. Guests wore something with a touch of red in it or all-out tomato! We had a tight budget to create a big look... Luckily the Quadrangle Trust is part of Callum's family so their celebration took place on very familiar ground. (I have spent many firework parties camped out there as a young adult!).  

The Barn at the Quadrangle is vast! So we filled the ceiling with a rainbow of colourful ribbons, decorated the bar with greenery and disco balls, and lined the walls with straw bales for seating.  The Marquee they borrowed from a friend and we dressed it with lots of pink and green umbrellas Molly's sister had leftover from her wedding. The tables had lovely red and white gingham table cloths with red runners. The Flowers I bought from the Covent Garden Flower market and arranged to feel fresh, wild, and country, our friends helped to arrange them under my instruction. The Quadrangle had a very plain metal wedding arch from previous weddings and so Molly and I discussed how we could make it fabulous! I dyed sheets from the charity shop red and ripped them up into streamers, tied them to the arc, and covered to top with fresh foliage from the gardens at the Quadrangle. Every guest was asked to bring their favourite dish as a wedding gift for Molly and Callum, this was very much a budget wedding, And as the food tables began to fill worries there wouldn't be enough food vanished in the most fantastically colourful spread of food from influences around the world. 

The sad part for all of us is that the photos below are from our cousin Charlie who sadly passed away a few years later and this being one of the last big family events we were all at... RIP Charlie, We will miss you always x